Custom Turquoise inlay Walking Cane created by Vlad Mikjanic Mesquite shaft. It is fairly hard turquoise and is nice for cabing or inlay. This is a stunning inlay material, made by laminating extremely thin. I needed some Turquois for a bowl I was turning and looked at the “bay” I got a full pound of crushed turquoise for $16. plus 4oz of powdered turquoise for $4 and 4oz of some.

This Wholesale Lot of Genuine Chip Inlay Turquoise has it all. It has samples of Kingman Turquoise, Number 8 Nevada Turquoise, Royston Turquoise, and Fox. Faux Turquoise Inlay Material This material is usually wood, but it could also be shell, stone, metal or pretty much anything you prefer.
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